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If I had to drift years back, becoming shorter, smaller, younger….back to my earliest years and recall the best memories I have ever had :  It would be to find myself as a four or five years old sitting next to my grandfather, before bedtime, and listening to his fantastic brilliant reveries inherited from his past generations.

His words and powerful story telling skills probed deep inside my soul and unlocked my power to visualize. In the absence of technology, the vigor of my imagination reached phenomenal landscapes and made me discover worlds that only the mind can reach. My grandmother, a persistent and tenacious woman, has taught me to be kind and to love unconditionally.

Today, when I listen to people around me, I can perceive and appreciate their most profound emotions. Navigating to find my best place over the years in this immense world, I have explored various sectors and always prioritized self-development and awareness.

There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than to explore my own potential and thrive on my abilities only to discover every time that I can do so much more.

How vast is my mind? How far can I reach? How deep can I go? How much can I share ? How much can I do for myself ? How much can I do for others ?

These are questions with no boundaries… The magic of my mind continues to impress me every day….Thats the miracle of life.

Both laughter and tears have taught me to let go of what I cannot control, to rediscover myself, to rebuild myself and to persistently evolve to attain the greatest version of myself.

Now with great ease, I can validate that all those nets that have immobilized me can be untangled and woven again to welcome my finest self ; that self which I choose to be, that self which elates me, that self which makes me feel amazing and that self which opens the door to the endless opportunities.

I can definitely help my clients deal with:


  • Toxic relationships 

  • Limiting beliefs and thoughts bred from my past


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