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"Emotionally Immature Parents - A reality to break free from"

Many people carry harmful patterns developed from childhood into adulthood with devastating effects. They transmit unhealthy coping mechanisms to future generations and are confused not knowing how to handle their parents’ inability to show up as responsibly mature individuals in their existing family settings.

The good news is that is possible to break free from these negative patterns and influences to finally HEAL.

  • The first step is to recognise emotionally immature behaviour: Though anyone can lose emotional control and become temporarily impulsive under stress and exhaustion, what sets emotionally immature parents apart is the frequency with which they exhibit certain negative characteristics.

  • The personality profiles generally are centred around narcissism, insensitivity, limited tolerance for genuine emotional intimacy.

  • Communication can be difficult and impossible at times. Interacting with them may leave you feeling invalidated or excluded.

  • Their unwillingness to put in emotional work required to maintain a healthy relationship can be a totally draining or exhausting task. Emotionally immature parents do not have the self-confidence to admit they are wrong. They will not readily get into fixing their own mistakes.

  • They crave attention for their own needs while remaining deaf to the needs of others.

  • Enmeshment over intimacy; playing favourites with their children. In most scenarios, it is likely that the ‘favourite sibling’ was also emotionally immature.

  • Emotionally immature parents usually demand that their own harmful behaviours be mirrored or that their children play a role in life that they deem appropriate. To ensure each family member has a specific role allows them to oversimplify complex issues to facilitate how they then deal with the situation within their mindsets. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Work with me to learn how to recognise emotionally mature behaviours to embrace your true self. You will be able to heal and create relationships with people who finally care for you in the way that you deserve.

Kawsar Koodaruth Life/Business Coach Whatsapp: +23052567336 Online Sessions

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