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Happiness is Love

Your Priority Love is Self-Love

When you practice self-love, you become more confident and ready to face any situation that lies ahead of you. The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others, so approaching a relationship with a strong sense of self is the best way to go. At the end of the day, no one can provide you with self-love other than yourself. So love yourself with all your might.

Habits to Nurture Self-Love

1. Stop Comparing

We are indeed socialised to be competitive, comparing ourselves to others is natural but it can be dangerous. Be aware that you are unique, there is only one you on this planet. Focus on yourself and your journey, this is the step towards success and abundance.

2. Make yourself Happy

To make everyone happy is a waste of energy and time. It will be like running after your shadow. Instead save your time and your strength to discover your potential and build on your best self. Be happy first then you will be able to make others happy. If your own life Is unstructured and not balanced you will not be able to reach others.

3. Allow yourself to Err

“To err is human, nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes”. These are words that should be commonly used. The older you get, the more pressure you feel never to fail. When you make mistakes you can learn and grow from them. Embrace your past. Life is a journey of change and growth, make every day enjoyable, learn from your mistakes, laugh at yourself and give yourself room to improve and understand that the lessons gained from mistakes are priceless.

4. Wear to be Confident

Wear what makes you feel good, wear what makes you feel comfortable, wear what reflects your beliefs and never suppress ur choices based on what others might think or do because of your choices. Be it a lot or a little, wear what makes you feel confident.

5. Run from Toxic People

Learn to identify negativity and stay away from people who don’t bring value to your life. It is not rude or wrong to remove yourself from situations or the company of people who are draining you. A lot of walking away from:

- arguments leading to anger,

- people pleasing,

- judgemental people,

unhealthy relationships

The more you walk away from things that are toxic for you, the healthier your life will be.

6. Process your Fears

Understand your fears, this exercise is really helpful for your mental health. Evaluating fears and building on new constructive beliefs can help you to gain clarity, alleviate some if not all of your anxiety to stressful situations.

7. Trust yourself to Own your Decisions

Self doubt is what often slows down decision making and success. We question our ability to do what’s right for us and we even put our needs and wants last on the list. Remember that your feelings are valid. You know yourself better than anyone else, so be your best advocate.

8. Put yourself first

To put yourself first does not make you selfish. Women, especially, can grow accustomed to putting others first. Although there’s a time and a place for this, it shouldn’t’ be a habit that costs you your mental or emotional well-being. To build on a healthy routine should never be out of sight. Find the time to decompress and recharge. Whether it is spending the day in self-care or outdoors in nature, find what helps you relax and dedicate time to this.

9. Simple things are Beautiful

Try to notice at least one beautiful, small thing around you every single day. Make note of of what you find beautiful or enjoyable. Be grateful for the small things that you experience everyday and do not hesitate to praise others.

10. Be your own Supporter

The world is already full of harsh words and critique, do not add to this pool. Speak kindly to yourself, praise yourself, congratulate yourself, encourage yourself. Celebrate yourself! Acknowledge your journey, appreciate that you have come so far and grown so much. Celebrate and reward yourself everyday, not only on your birthday!

Self-love may not happen overnight. But with time, it will settle itself into your heart, it will become part of yourself, deeply embedded in your mind.

Yes, you may struggle, but you will look back on these moments and see how they were stepping stones on your journey to being the best you.

Join me to make self love permanently part of your being with many more healthy habits and strategies to be your Best Self!

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