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Smoking Cessation by Kawsar Koodaruth

So a client comes in. I'll say: “What are you coming in for?"

The replies are: “I want to stop smoking”, “My friend stopped smoking. I want to come and stop smoking”. “I spend too much on smoking”, “My health is threatened and I want to stop smoking”….

Someone who started smoking at 14, 15, 16 is okay. But someone who started smoking at 39, is not so usual (I need to identify the trigger).

Then the next question is, "How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?" 30, 20, 10. Have you ever stopped smoking before?

The answers are: “Yes, well, I stopped smoking once for two years," "I've stopped smoking six times, each time for two months,”

To the person who stopped smoking for two years, I would say, "How did you find that, Why did you go back?” The replies are usually: “Oh, my wife left.” , “My business collapsed.”, “ I was in an accident.”, “I had some stress.”

I make smokers forget about going back, but the person who says, "I've stopped six times and always gone back," I say to them, "No, you've stopped six times, because six times you changed the habit of action. Today, you're changing the habit of thought that ran the habit of action. You'll never, never, never go back."

With each person, the script I make is very personal. Then I'll say to them, "Why do you want to stop now?" Up come a variety of reasons: “I'm trying to get pregnant, and I think the smoking isn't helping.” “I'm just about to have surgery. My doctor won't perform the surgery until I stop smoking.” “In cosmetic surgery, the skin of smokers tends to die. So a lot of doctors won't do cosmetic surgery on heavy smokers because their skin . . . If they're having a face lift, the skin starts to die off around the wounds.” "Well, my wife's having a baby, and she said, 'You are not coming in the house, smoking around that baby.”" "Everyone in the office is getting really fed up because I'm the only one taking smoking breaks, and it's interrupting our team's ability to work on stuff." “I’m really scared if I stop smoking, I'll get fat, or it's taken me years until I get thinner."

Then one more question, "Are you worried about being forgetful?" A lot of them think they can't concentrate without a cigarette. "I smoke when I'm on the computer. I smoke when I'm writing a program. I smoke when I'm dealing with something."

I do my session for smoking in a very simple way. I get them to look up. I click the fingers. I take them down the stairs. I do a little bit of the testing. Then I usually get them to imagine they're going into a garden….and nurture disinterest in smoking for good….

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