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Mattias Berger, Coach, Greece

In December 2020 I heard about Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) as a way to overcome certain blocks in life. As I was going through a transformation in my personal life, the theory of RTT caught my interest and I started looking for a therapist to book a session with. I read that a therapy session could involve some deep inner work, dealing with traumas, experiences and emotions that could potentially go back many years, even into childhood, so I needed somebody I could trust and open up to, sharing what’s inside of my, my inner world, and my emotions hidden deep inside of me. 


I spoke to several RTT practitioners, however decided to work with Mrs. Kawsar. I immediately felt comfortable with her. I felt emotionally understood, like speaking to a good friend of mine. At the same time, she was very professional and our roles as therapist/client were always clear. The combination of the two was what I felt the key to a successful RTT session. The ability to combine these two aspects made her also clearly a better choice for me than the others I had when looking at various RTT therapists. 


I would highly recommend Mrs. Kawsar to anyone facing emotional distress, trauma or other life challenges.

Maria Santos, Wholesale Manager, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Kawsar,


So we had a RTT session yesterday and that had me thinking all day. First because I never thought I could ever go back to such old memories... I want to thank you Kawsar for your sweetness, patience and such caring personality, I truly felt like I knew you and could trust someone that in reality was so far but at the same time felt so close to me. I felt completely safe and supported by you during the regression and amazed at how rested I felt after going back to those old memories. 

I am happily surprised that one can achieve so much with one RTT session and I have you to thank. I will be listening to the audio, already did (twice today), thats how eager I am to change.


Thank you again, with all my heart, thank you for helping this stranger, you made a difference yesterday

Toni Farmer Simmonds, Business Owner, East Sussez, UK 

I wanted to thank you again Kawsar for the RTT session. I felt completely safe and supported by you during the regression and amazed at how light I feel now after releasing some old memories. 

Its amazing how much can be achieved in just one session!

Looking forward to listening to the recording over the next few weeks and will be in touch. 

Stephane Louise

Pour ceux qui n'ont jamais entendu parler d'hypnothérapie, je la leur recommande vivement. Du moins, elle ne sera employée que si vous rencontrez une personne qui connaît ce domaine mais surtout qui ait le sens de l'accueil et de l'écoute. Kawsar Koodaruth ne fait rien par hasard et ce n'est qu'après avoir conversé avec vous pour comprendre ce qui vous affecte qu'elle vous amènera à vous mettre en contact avec vous-même. Car qu'est-ce que l'hypnothérapie si ce n'est le moyen de vous connecter à votre être intérieur sous la conduite apaisante d'une personne bien intentionnée. L'hypnothérapie devient quelque chose de volontaire et nécessaire une fois que vous arrivez à être en phase avec vous. J'ai découvert certains aspects de ma personnalité qui étaient jusqu'alors enfouis dans ma subconscience et qui freinaient ma progression dans la vie. Etre en paix avec soi-même pour être en paix avec le monde, telle devrait être la devise de toute personne après des sessions d'hypnothérapie. Je vous la recommande vivement. Signé Stéphane Louise


I was really scared of needles/injections but after the therapy yesterday morning I feel so much relaxed. At the surgery room also when you were with me when the nurse was taking out my blood I was listening only to you and I was trying to be relaxed and I’ve felt only that something is pinching me . After that everything has gone well .. I want to thank you so so much for helping me in this situation.

S.Thulakshana, Graduate Student

Spelling was something that troubled me  forever, I was never confident in what I write and that made my life uncomfortable. But then I met Kawsar, the RTT therapist , she did an amazing session to over my trouble. She did really do a great job identifying the reasons behind my issue and successfully helped to  get over it. I am really greatfull to Kawsar for making my life easy.

Vassen 65 Years - Suffered Stroke/diabetes

I have always been a very active person in my life, I was always very busy and enjoying life with friends and family. After the stroke, half of my body was 

affected. It was a very difficult time for me to find balance again in my life. Thanks to my fighting spirit, I never abandoned myself. Slowly I regained control of my body through regular exercise, new habits (music, food etc). Still I had this constant fear and doubt in my head. This made me overthink and disrupt my sleep, I even felt anxious to know that I will not be able to sleep every night. I lacked motivation and joy in my life. I then saw an article on Facebook about Miss Kawsar. I chose to go and see her. Today I wish to say the following to her after the session we had yesterday: "Thanks a lot, I feel very very happy today when starting my day when listening to the audio text/speech u give me, I feel very emotional while listen yr emotional voice proud of you, I feel it how much u have done. I will still pray God for u n family. I made the right choice really for the rest of my life really proud of U dear master have a good day n stay blessed."




Hi it is highly recommended to consult with kawsar she is the best i can say was stressed out i got 3 session with her was really helpful


I met Kawsar at a very delicate and weak moment in my life. 

I was just divorced and in a difficult place. Kawsar is at first already an amazingly kind and thoughtful person. She made me comfortable enough to be able to open up emotionally and most importantly share my inner thoughts so she could help me deal with them. She helped pull me out of this difficult phase. It wasn’t magical! No, it took  patience and effort not only from my part but with her push and help, she motivated me. With time I was seeing things more clearly and able to manage my feelings to get me out of this dark place. 


She had been nothing but helpful, understanding, supportive and caring. She checked up on me throughout the process to see how I was doing. 


I am very grateful to her! 



Bonjour Kawsar,


Je vais bien merci. Je continue de diminuer mes cigarettes par jour. Bonne nouvelle. J'ai un peu tardé à écrire mon témoignage pour notre première séance , je vous prie de m'en excuser. Aussi en toute sincérité, cette séance m'a permis de faire le lien entre les différents noeuds que j'avais en moi et de découvrir certaines aspérités enfouies consciemment ou inconsciemment , qui m'ont empêché de vivre pleinement et parfois d'avancer dans la direction que j'ai choisi. Je ne renie pas toutes ces aspérités mais je les accepte en les transcendant.

Lors de cette séance, je me suis sentie très à l'aise et en confiance avec vous. Vous êtes à l'écoute, vous avez posé les bonnes questions, même celles qui dérangent. Je me sens légère à présent et je comprends enfin ce lien que j'entretenais avec la cigarette. Vous avez réussi à mettre le doigt sur ce besoin de fumer , le pourquoi? Je sais que c'est à moi de faire le travail pour me débarrasser définitivement de la cigarette parce que je le vaux bien mais vous m'avez aidé aussi à retrouver toutes ces belles sensations que j'ai en moi, mon self estime entre autres.


Cette séance est une belle expérience de redécouverte de moi-même, un nouveau chemin est à tracer désormais. Et vous me guidez chaque jour avec vos mots rassurants et encourageants à la fois. Avec vos messages bienveillants tous les matins, je réapprends à vivre en toute sérénité mes journées sans cigarette et me réapproprie ma vie tout doucement, plein d'espoir et d'objectifs. Vous êtes une vraie professionnelle au bon sens du terme, pleine de bienveillance et de patience. et surtout vous aimez aider vos patients. C'est la plus belle des qualités. Je suis confiante que lors de notre prochaine séance, je ne fumerai plus.


Je vous souhaite une belle journée et au plaisir de vous revoir bientôt

Kaajal (Mauritius)

I happened to meet Kawsar in a very serious phase of my life where both my mind and body were weakened. She helped me to overcome this difficult phase of my life with only one RTT session. I started to accept things in a positive way compared to earlier which I was in denial to accept before. With only one RTT session and everyday she sent me positive messages which changed my life completely and I started to accept things and move on with my life. Kawsar is not only just supportive but also caring as she sends me message everyday to check upon my health. Highly reccomended.

Thank you Kawsar, I will be always grateful to you.

Greta (Belgium)

Dear Kawsar,


Herewith I would like to thank you for the RTT session last Thursday. Since we are in the same business program and I felt a click with you I decided to give it a go. Now I can only say that I'm extremely happy that I followed my gut feeling. I really changed something inside of me. Through the session I felt at ease, safe and protected. You guided me through my past and made me stop where needed. Thank you for that. You are an awesome and warm human being. I can recommend you to anyone needing and deserving a change. Warm regards, Greta


If you have past or present concerns in your life that you need help and guidance on how to move forward, then Kawsar is your lady. She helped me overcome my childhood issues that were still causing a blockage in my present life... and the ongoing support she will give you will surely help you in your journey to a life of fulfillment.


For those who have not practiced or heard about hypnotherapy; I highly recommend it.

It has helped me speak out many things and emotions. I felt very delighted as there was a person who was listening to me and guiding me through my career. It has helped me both physically and mentally. I am a more disciplined person and more devoted to my studies which will help me in my workplace. Anxiety and stress were things that I was familiar with. I was not living in the real world. However; with the help of Kawsar; I was able to get back on my feet and face the challenging world with a new perspective.

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